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209b9c56316898dd01cfb475cbbfa5ce1 Our Schedule - Team Chappellaz
Team Flaxey vs Team ChappellazIcebreaker at the Granite
Granite Curling Club
Team Fleury vs Team ChappellazIcebreaker at the Granite
Granite Curling Club
Team Chappellaz vs Team JustIcebreaker at the Granite
Granite Curling Club
Team Sidorova vs Team ChappellazIcebreaker at the Granite
Granite Curling Club
Team Brown vs Team ChappellazMother Club Fall Classic
Granite Curling Club
Team Mei vs Team ChappellazMother Club Fall Classic
Granite Curling Club
Team Flaxey vs Team ChappellazMother Club Fall Classic
Granite Curling Club
Team Chappellaz vs Team RuningMother Club Fall Classic
Granite Curling Club
Team Chappellaz vs Team DewarMother Club Fall Classic
Granite Curling Club
Team Brown vs Team ChappellazAtkins Curling Supplies Classic
Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club
Scotties Berth Bonspiel, Minnedosa, ManitobaPlanned Event
Minnedosa Curling Club
Sunova Spiel, East St. Paul, ManitobaPlanned Event
East St. Paul Curling Club
Scotties Regional QualifiersPlanned Event
To Be Determined
Scotties Tournament of Hearts, Gimli, ManitobaPlanned Event
Gimli Recreation Centre
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